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Our wholesale and bulk buy pricing save you up to 50% off the RRP and are ideal for dental clinics, sporting clubs and retailers looking to stock the next generation of oral health products.

SISU Mouthguards & Accessories

1.6mm or 2.4mm thin. Custom-Fit. 30%-50% stronger than most other mouthguards. Remoldable. The highest dental warranty of $35,000 USD.

The SISU mouthguard: Diffusix technology offers more protection and less mouthguard. Youth or adult, braces or not, for high-impact sports or a pick-up game in the backyard — the complete line of high-tech SISU guards are the ultimate athletic mouth shields you once thought too good to be true.

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Sova Night Guards & Accessories

1.6mm or 2.4mm thin. Custom-Fit. Remoldable. Fits with braces. 120 day durability warranty.

Teeth grinding at night, or Bruxism, causes headaches, damaged teeth and jaw pain. The custom fit, slim profile SOVA Night Guard is scientifically designed to relieve pain and discomfort of night grinding, leaving you freedom to breathe, talk and drink naturally.

No matter how much you gnaw, you will not be able to chew through the SOVA Night Guard.

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Orthodontic Accessories

Our range of orthodontic accessories feature the latest in design and technology. Whether it be the new standard in dental wax, innovative aligner seaters, no-rinse sanitising sprays, aligner vibration devices or ergonomically designed removal tools. We have the products to make orthodontic treatment the most efficient it has ever been.

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Featured Products

SISU Max 2.4mm Mouthguard

Custom-fit at 2.4mm thin, the SISU Max Mouthguard offers the most protection of any SISU guard, but is still 30% thinner and 50% stronger than conventional sports mouth guards. Talk, breathe and drink with ease.

Clenchy Aligners Seaters

Clenchy's are a revolutionary new seating option that are easier to hold and chew than other available options. Its elongated design with both curved and flat surfaces effortlessly sets orthodontic aligners into place.

OrthoKey Removal Tool

OrthoKey is an aligner retrieving device for clear aligners. It is easy to grip and fits in most aligner cases for easy use throughout the day. Its unique design keeps fingers out of mouths for a hygienic aligner removal process.

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