CUREbox Plus UV Post-Cure Chamber

CUREbox Plus UV Post-Cure Chamber

CUREbox Plus UV Post-Curing Chamber with Touchscreen UI, Time and Temperature Control - Includes LED modules. 

Ideal for dental workflows, CUREbox Plus has all of the features of CUREbox. 

  • Improved Heating Technology

    • Heats the chamber four times faster than the original CUREbox, drastically reducing time spent waiting for the chamber to reach temperature.

    • Higher maximum temperature of 80C provides greater compatibility for new engineering (and other) resins.

  • Diffuse Reflectors

    • Improves consistency in the chamber by more uniformly distributing reflected energy.  This means more energy reaches otherwise shadowed details.

  • Glass Work Surface

    • Highly UV transparent work surface allows more energy to reach the bottom of the model ensuring the highest possible level of dimensional stability.

  • Dental Presets

    • Presets for SG, Model, Cast, Ortho Clear, Base, Crown and Bridge.

  • Price includes - Shipping, installation and demonstration.

Download the CureBox Brochure