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DANY NiTi White Coated Round Wire

DANY Bio Aesthetic Archwire (pack of 10)

- Ultra-thin and durable
- Biocompatible and biostable
- Excellent friction sliding mechanic
- Resistant corrosion and staining
- Discolour by food
- Natural colour, not by toxin material

Enhanced Durability
The most durable aesthetic archwire like no other. Trusted with no compromise on the clinical performance for its treatment. Not out done by the quality of any other aesthetic wires that you have heard and experienced previously.

The Best Sliding Mechanic
DANY coated wires have outstanding low levels of friction, due to the negligible 0.00005. The dimensions of the wire are not affected by its coating. The innovative coating technology, DANY, has increased frictional resistance, like a non-coated archwire. The extraordinarily smooth and thin coating of the DANY Coated Archwire allows orthodontists to give patients that advanced aesthetic treatment.

A True Natural, Organic Appearance
The only non-toxic and aesthetically attractive tooth colour archwire in the world using FDA-approved Silver and Bio Polymer. Research indicates that 25% coating of wire is lost within the first month in vivo. A True Natural Means, DANY are putting your safety first and offering you the healthy and confident smile both during and after treatment in everyday life.

More than meets the eye
The multi-property, biocompatible polymer, has proved itself as having unsurpassed role in medical coatings. It offers a level of protection to critical components that is incomparable by any other coating.