Intuguard Intubation Guard
Intuguard Intubation Guard

Intuguard Intubation Guard with Heat Pack (Box of 25)

Currently, dental guards are available in every anaesthesia cart in the country, but are made of a relatively soft polymer (EVA) that does not resist any significant pressure. Furthermore, MDA's and CRNA's are reluctant to use these guards because of poor compliance and movement during intubations or surgical manipulations.
Introducing Intuguard. An individually fitted guard that is ultra thin, but ultra strong at the same time. Made of a non-compressible thermoplastic polymer, Intuguard can be fit in minutes, either by the patient at home before surgery, or in pre-op by the staff. Intuguard is a simple, proven solution designed and engineered to protect their teeth in every intubation and surgical situation.

  • Use of a thin, tough polymer that does not cave in or break.
  • Simple, fast, individual custom fitting.
  • Elimination of force transfer to teeth from instruments by force absorption (slits and perforations) and force dissipation (non-compressible polymer matrix).