SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard
SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard
SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard

SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard

*The SISU Sense app is currently only available for IOS devices (Apple). The Android app is in development.*

Using a three-axis accelerometer and a high performance wireless processor, the SISU Sense records when each major, or minor, impact occurs. The record of impacts is transferred wirelessly to the SISU Sense app for review and long-term impact monitoring.

At 2.4mm thin, the SISU Sense allows players to have the best mouth guard on the market with the lowest number of dental injuries (1/25,000) and for players and their families to instantly get informed about hits to the head. Hopefully this will prevent athletes to expose themselves to dangerous situations in sports, and maybe even change rules in violent sports. 

The new SISU Sense is made from a special reinforced thermoplastic material that has shape memory, so that it can be remolded multiple times until perfect and snug fit is achieved.

SISU Sense dampens impact forces very effectively thanks to its patented perforation patterns. The high-tech multi-functional thermoplastic polymer material has a high storage modulus and tear strength and acts like an impenetrable shield that protects an athlete's teeth, while the embedded microchip sensor gives accurate acceleration readings when an impact occurs.

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*Product battery lasts for approximately 170 hours of use after battery activation (based on normal usage and proper care).

Please note, that the SISU Sense is made to order. Therefore, stock levels are kept to minimum to enhance the shelf and battery life of the product. Please contact us if you wish to discuss possible delivery timeframes. 

CAUTION: The SISU Sense Mouthguard is not a medical or diagnostic device. The SISU Sense Mouthguard detects impacts and does not replace concussion detection protocols. The SISU Sense Hit Sense Technology does not diagnose concussion. The data should be used to identify if an impact has occurred and the level of impact. The SISU Sense accurately detects low (15 Gs) and high (40 Gs) thresholds of impact when it is securely worn on the teeth. It is possible that false positive readings will trigger an alert. For this reason, we recommend that athletes be observed in addition to relying on the data from the SISU Sense Mouthguard carefully.